The HARC Foundation was founded in 1990 as a publicly supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and subsequently received its temporary tax exemption status as an arts organization and traumatized children’s service organization in 1991 with permanent exemption being granted in 1995.

It has been our belief since formation of the Foundation, that federal, state and local governments as well as the American philanthropic community have not created a satisfactory support structure for America’s emerging Creative Artists. In a country as advanced as America, at the very least, we should have a dynamic and powerful framework in which creativity can flourish and thrive.

Although American arts culture is largely indebted to Europe for its early influences and training, Americans need to appreciate the classic tradition of art patronage. The Europeans realized long ago that sponsoring Creative Artists was necessary in order to provide and preserve a productive environment where creativity could flourish and prosper. Claude Monet, for example, was sponsored and supported by French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau who also secured Monet’s great waterlilly cycle. Without such patronage, it is probable that many of the masterpieces we love would have never been created.

Imagine life without creative works of art! The consequences would be overwhelming. Throughout history, Creative Artists and their creations have made a profound difference in the quality and evolution of our culture and humanity.

Creative art is a veritable treasure; a natural resource. Every day it empowers humanity aesthetically, therapeutically and economically. It has the ability to transform personal insights into universal truths; to vitalize the heartland of every cultured community; to heal the wounds inflicted by daily struggle with reality; and to become a mighty tool of economic development and strength.

The process of creativity is a genuine gift from the soul of the creator to the soul of humanity. It allows a simple idea to come into being and form a new living expression. The formulation into actual artistic creation requires disciplines, attitudes and energies that are unparalleled by most other occupations. Its mastery and productivity are dependent upon respect, encouragement, nurturing, recognition and support - most if not all of which must come from outside sources.

The contemporary political climate suggests an urgent need to proliferate a fundamental understanding and respect for the importance and value of Creative Arts to our society; to provide specific programs that will sustain support of the Creative Artists themselves; and, to instill an attitude and environment that will foster creative prosperity. It is essential that every state and every community invest and reinvest in their own natural creative resources.

The HARC Foundation is committed to these needs.